Wrong Ways to Save Money While Spending

Have you visited the house of a less financial buoyant person with the aim of understanding how the way they save money by spending? If you haven’t, I would like to share a few things I learnt about the wrong way people with less financial understanding save money. This post is written from what people believes help them save money while they spend and my thoughts towards them.

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Postponing Medical Checkups and treatment

I was at the house of a person and I was told that one way they save money is by skipping medical checkups and not treating little illnesses until they get severe. This is one-point I do not agree with since it is better to treat illnesses when they are mild before it become acute or chronic.

Buying cheap Inferior things

I got to hear of this from a household where they believe buying cheap inferior things help them keep money, but for me, I do not believe in this way of life. Buying cheap things can be cool but buying inferior things is where the problem lies as inferior things get damaged easily and would require a replacement in time. With this, money is not being saved rather it is being spent. It is good to buy less expensive and quality things than buy less quality in the name of being cheap. Do not mistake quality for branding as these two things are different. Brands sell names, logo or themselves, and in most cases, most brands do not sell quality.

Buying discounted things even when they are not needed.

One thing a lot of people do is buy things they do not need because they saw it cheap and did not want to lose out on a big sale. Buy whatever you need and not what you are made to buy because it is made to seem cheap or discounted.


There are a lot of things people do to save money which are wrong but because we want to save money, we do not consider the side effect or what we are losing. Doing a lot of things by yourself, when you do not have any idea about it but because you want to save funds, can be another way people think they are saving money whereas they aren’t saving money. If such things get spoilt while making attempt to get it work by yourself, you will end up spending more money as an expert will have to take care of the damaged stuff and the new one you just damaged.


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