Two or three things with "Red Lover"

Red lovers

The other day, taking advantage of my free time after get off work, I went to the China Film Archive alone. The movie that was screened in the theater that day was "Red Lovers". Almost every day, the movie theater selects some classic domestic and foreign works with a sense of time to show. The price of the movie is very close to the people, ten yuan a piece.

The reason why I went to watch "Red Lovers" attracted me to Leslie Cheung and his identity in the movie-a communist. Before I saw it, I had concerns. Is there any sense of contradiction when such an identity is given to a face with a variety of styles? I was worried that I would skip the scene when I watched it, for fear that one of his eyes would take him to another movie. But then I think about it, revolution is a romantic cause. Someone on Douban commented on Leslie Cheung as "the most romantic Communist in history." Whether it is the most romantic is not known, but I am a little convinced that Leslie Cheung does make people treat the Communists. The image has a new understanding.

The plot of the movie is not complicated. There are four main characters: Leslie Cheung (named Jin in the play) and Mei Ting as Communists, Ted Babcock as a foreign doctor, and Tao Zeru as the villain (later called the spy leader).

The film took place in Shanghai in the 1930s. Mei Ting knocked on the door of a foreign doctor's house on a rainy night, falsely claiming that her husband (Leslie Cheung) was seriously ill and needed medical treatment. The foreign doctor felt compassion and went with her. After the diagnosis, Leslie Cheung was found to be seriously injured. The foreign doctor said that Mei Ting needed to come to the hospital for medicine the next day. The foreign doctor could not wait for Mei Ting the next day. He took the medicine to the place last night. However, when he went to the building, he was arrested by the spies as a communist, and was released because of his friendship with the spy leader. At this time, the foreign doctor realized that Mei Ting and the seriously ill Leslie Cheung were both Communists.

After the foreign doctor was released, he felt resentful because Mei Ting was temporarily suspended from his position as a doctor, but he found that instead of ignoring him, he fell in love with Mei Ting. After several setbacks, the foreign doctor met Mei Ting again. He expressed his love to Mei Ting, but Mei Ting declined. She told the foreign doctor the story between her and Leslie Cheung. It turns out that Mei Ting was attracted by Leslie Cheung’s extraordinary bearing in a public speech by Leslie Cheung, and she was in love with him. Leslie Cheung himself is seriously ill. A shrapnel remaining in his brain will cause his brain nerves to appear sick and cause hallucinations. He mistook Mei Ting for his beloved wife, and his wife had long since passed away.

Red lovers

When Leslie Cheung became ill, he shouted the name of his late wife in front of Mei Ting. Mei Ting felt that this could not be continued. She left Leslie Cheung and took the initiative to vote for the spy leader. In fact, Mei Ting was a spy. The boss is looking for his nine-year-old daughter. Mei Ting, under the guise of acknowledging her father, actually wanted to get close to her biological father and then kill him. Before she left, Mei Ting left a letter for Leslie Cheung, telling Leslie Cheung the truth, even if Leslie Cheung treats her As a dead wife, but she still loves him.

Mei Ting succeeded in killing his father and was arrested for it. Leslie Cheung felt ashamed of Mei Ting, he decided to rescue Mei Ting who was arrested, and the method was to replace him with Mei Ting. It rained heavily on the day of the exchange, and the revolution lovers hadn't seen each other for a long time. Mei Ting and Leslie Cheung embraced in the rain, and she was already pregnant.

The day Mei Ting gave birth was also the day Leslie Cheung was executed in the drama. In the end, Mei Ting died due to a dystocia, Leslie Cheung died of a random gun, and the girl Mei Ting gave birth was raised by a foreign doctor.

There was an episode when watching the movie. About one-third of the time, the scene suddenly jumped to the end when Leslie Cheung and Mei Ting hugged each other in the rain. Everyone present, including me, felt that the plot was wrong. After a minute or two, the picture was interrupted and the theater went dark. Some people's murmurs were clearly audible, but most of them were holding their breath again, waiting for the film to resume. At this moment, I can imagine the projectionist being busy on the inverted shadow tape, and the picture returns to normal after a while. So you see, it’s not Leslie Cheung who actually jumped in, but a projector or video tape.

I learned afterwards that the screening accident encountered during the filming process was unprecedented. Someone said on the Internet that "I finally encountered the screening accident of the famous name Xiaoxitian, and it is worth it in this life!". I think that I also made a mistake, but unexpected playback failures suddenly came. I didn't know it at the time, and I couldn't help but recollect it afterwards.

Red lovers

"Red Lover" made me sigh: Love is really a very mysterious existence. In the movie Leslie Cheung loves his dead wife, Mei Ting loves Leslie Cheung, and foreign doctors love Mei Ting. What is the end of the intertwined love? When Mei Ting hugged Leslie Cheung in the rain, she asked him, "Have you really loved me?" Leslie Cheung said nothing, but kissed Mei Ting in the rain with selflessness. Before leaving, he said to Mei Ting, "You must give your child a nice name."

They are in love with each other after all.

A foreign doctor once said to Mei Ting in the rain, "I love you, I love you, I love you", with more force and louder than ever. In the end, he couldn't let go of this love and became the adoptive father of that child. He loved that child as much as he loved Mei Ting.

The most memorable line in the movie is this line:

A man does not really become mature until he falls in love with a woman.

Red lovers

In reality, women often yearn for mature and considerate opposite sex, but in the eyes of many women, men are like children who will never grow up. What is maturity and what is immaturity? Everyone has different answers. But perhaps, maturity is an excuse before meeting someone who really wants to live with them for a long time. Those who don't love, no matter how mature, are in vain; those who love, immature also prefer.

Far away...

There is one thing I still know afterwards. After watching the movie, I went home and searched for comments on "Red Lover" in Douban Movies. Someone mentioned in the short comment that it was Leslie Cheung’s birthday. Thinking about it this way, on a special day, an unexpected accident, this time the experience of watching the movie is a little more tender and nostalgic.

62 years ago, there was one more him in the world.

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