Tips to Making the Best Use of Money.

Majority of people which includes me have a very terrible attitude towards money, we are quick to see the availability of more money as a tool to live an extra lavish lifestyle, this attitude is the reason why people make money at a certain stage in their lives and loose it as fast as it comes. Money becomes a thing that decides to stay the moment we begin to view it differently from the usual way people see it.

It can be extremely frustrating to have money at a point in your life and then the money seem to disappear after sometime, it is at stages like this that regret simply creep into people’s lives but with this post I want to share some secrets that will help us manage money better and more efficiently when next it comes our way or even currently if we have the opportunity to still make some money.

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See money differently.

Money needs to be seen as an instrument to make some more money and not as an instrument to live some lavish lifestyle. When we begin to see money as a channel to build a great life, it begins to work better and we will channel the money towards building a great life and sustainable career.

Begin to delay gratification.

It is normal to have more needs as the value of funds that we have increases as well, but it is discipline that will prevent us from getting items that are not of great values immediately. Delayed gratification will help us make specific calculations before we spend which will help us get a better value for the funds we have. Inability to delay gratification is a very great reason why a lot of people run fast into the poverty and debt line even after making some reasonable amount of money earlier.

Self payment.

Self-payment to a lot of people is usually just overrated and they do not care about the benefits, but self-payment is really helpful. Self-payment simply means that before you begin to spend on paying for bills and giving out money to others, you have to set some money aside for yourself, these set aside funds is something you should be able to fall back on in case of emergency necessities.

When you begin to implement this decision of paying yourself, you can start with a little percentage and start to grow it into a reasonable amount as you get more comfortable with it.


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