Thousands of people around the world witnessed the 'Meteor Shower' on the night between December 13th and 14th

The ‘Meteor Shower’ was seen all over the world on the 13th to 14th of December according to its local time in which 100 to 120 meteors left a bright line within minute and fly towards the earth which we call unscientifically known as star breaking.

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A large number of meteors are visible in the sky - meteors are fragments of comets, small planets in space. When the earth passes through them during its journey around the sun, such as a comet, the gravitational pull of the earth causes rocks and ice to fall to the ground and burn with the friction of the atmosphere. These burning bodies are visible from the earth and called meteors. Many meteor showers appear regularly throughout the year, such as Perseids in mid-August, Leonids in mid-November, and Gem.

A long-elliptical orbit in our solar system is orbiting a planet (asteroid) called Phaethon 3200. It passes through Earth's orbit in December each year. Although the majority of experts consider it to be a meteorite, some experts have described it as something between a comet and a meteorite.

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This year, 3200 Phaeton passed through a distance of 10 million kilometers from the earth and as it passes, many small and large particles enter our atmosphere by the gravitational force of the earth. These innumerable particles ignite with their tremendous speed and ground friction and a line of light appears in the dark night. This process is called meteor shower.

In big cities, the light causes the sky to become 'light pollution' and for this reason, it is a pleasant experience to see the rain of Gemini meteors in a remote and dark place. But despite this, the big meteors can be seen from the city.

The spectacle was witnessed around the world on the night between December 13th and 14th, and had already been witnessed by amateur astronomers around the world. In this regard, a star party was also organized in which a large number of people sit in a dark place and watch the Geminid meteor shower.

Meteors, also called broken stars, are more clearly visible in areas that are far from city lights, so Saudi Arabia's deserts are considered the best place to watch the meteor shower.

Extremely fast meteorites enter the Earth's atmosphere at speeds of up to 260,000 kilometers per hour. Because of this speed, they leave behind a series of 'broken wires'.

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In the lunar calendar, there is a rain or meteor shower of Geminid meteors that can be felt coming out of the Gemini (Gemini) every year. It occurs in mid-December as our planet orbits a planet passing through the debris left by 3200 Phaeton. When they are at their peak, we can see 120 falling stars in one hour on dark nights with clear skies. They have a relatively low speed of about 130,000 kmph, but this adds to the fun of watching them.

According to NASA, between 100 and 300 tons of space dust and rocks fall on the earth every day, but their volume is not more than a grain of sand. NASA estimates that about 44 tons of them fall to Earth. About once a year, an asteroid the size of a vehicle hits the Earth's atmosphere, creating a huge ball of fire, but it burns out before it reaches the Earth's surface. Nearly every 2000 years, a meteorite hits the ground like a football field and causes significant damage.

According to NASA, meteorites are usually small, ranging in size from a grain of sand to a rock. They are almost always so small that they always burn up in the air. But according to Harvard University's International Comet Quarterly, they sometimes fall to the ground, causing harm to humans.

In 1994, a meteorite broke through the windscreen of a moving BMW in Spain. The "lucky" driver's only finger was broken in the crash. In 1992, a 3.6-gram piece fell on a child's head in a densely populated area of Uganda. It was later revealed that the speed of the child had slowed down due to the banana leaves before falling on him and the child later managed to find the stone.

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In 1954, in the US state of Alabama, a grapefruit-sized meteorite tore down a roof, crashed into a radio, and struck Ann Hodges, who was sitting in her room. She was badly injured because of it. There have been two major incidents in Russia in which space rocks exploded in the air and caused considerable damage.

In February 2013, a brightly lit fireball exploded over Russia's Aral region, shattering several rocks and injuring 1,500 people. Most were injured in the blast due to shattered glass. In 1908, a space rock entered the Earth's atmosphere in the Siberian region of Tungska and exploded into space. It destroyed 2,000 square kilometers of forest, killing two people and hundreds of snow deer.

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