This is the first flight of the SkyDrive SD-03, a flying car from Toyota

It's called SD-03 and it was designed and built by engineers from the startup SkyDrive and Cartivator.

Toyota also offered huge help in the implementation of this amazing project.

It was many of the solutions developed over the past years by this Japanese automotive concern that accelerated the work on this invention. The flying car is currently in the prototype stage, but has already made its first flights.

The SD-03 looks extraordinary, and it will look even more interesting during its transformation from a vehicle moving on public roads to a flying taxi - a VTOL vehicle, i.e. capable of vertical take-offs and landings.

Eight electric motors are responsible for the drive, to which energy is supplied from efficient batteries.

Unfortunately, SkyDrive does not reveal more information about its vehicle.

We only know that tests in cities will start by the end of this year. Toyota recently announced that the flying car will be 2.9 meters long and 1.3 meters wide, capable of flying 150 meters above the ground and flying more than 50 kilometers from

speed up to 100 km / h.


We do not know if the plans have changed since then, but looking at the success of the first tests, the whole project looks interesting: the vehicle is to be partially ready next year.

It is to appear at the inauguration of the 2020 Summer Olympics, with its help the Japanese want to light the Olympic torch.

The government of the Land of the Rising Sun intends to popularize this form of city travel after 2023. The SkyDrive invention is to be the most advanced driving-flying vehicle the world has ever seen, it is to combine the attributes of a car and an aircraft.

The plan envisages that by 2050, everyone in Japan will own such a vehicle and travel to any location in their area in less than 10 minutes.


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