The way we work today has been changed dramatically during this century. Now people have the option to work by being physically present in office or virtually from home.

The technological advancement such as the internet, smartphones, and computer has created a great impact on each sector of our life, including the way of work.

There are both advantages and disadvantages of this new development. Working in office may help to increase concentration in work leading to better output and perfection because of the professional environment compared to home. To join work physically can give a more perfect result and mentally fit a person to work with better concentration because this is a fact. Whereas, working from home can save travel time and allowing doing more work time.

On the one hand, maintaining a same daily routine such as working in a fix desk and place and traveling the same way for a long period can make a person bored, leading to loss of interest on work and consequently, reduce the desirable output. Working from home can also have the same its disadvantages. Additionally, By staying home, a person can miss the opportunity for social and friendship interaction evenly s/he will be feeling very lonely, and it also destroys/disrupting the discipline of life.

On the other hand, working in a common place can make a person infected with infectious disease, whereas working from home may reduce such disease. When someone is in his/her office, no-one can't disturb him/her without an emergency, but working from home can be effected with a family member and interruption from their neighbor. During critical situations it is hard to care for family members when someone’s office is far away from home. In contrast, when a person is ar their own home s/he can easily manage bad or good situations comfortably.

In conclusion, there are both advantages and disadvantages of working from home or office. While working from home may save travel time and help to stay close with family members, this may result in a loss of opportunity for social interactions. Conversely, it will be better to work partly from home and partly in office by weekly schedule with a certain amount of flexibility and comfort.


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