The Turkish national team was unable to show a high-quality game against the national team of Wales


In the second round of the Euro2020 group round, the Turkish national team met with the Wales national team. After the first defeat by Italy, Turkey was determined to win.

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Euro2020 match review: Turkey - Wales

On the one hand, we can say that the teams are, as it were, equal in strength. At the same time, Wales stopped showing effective and quality football. The Turks will play to win.

Euro2020 first half review: Turkey - Wales

The start of the game turned out to be smooth. On 4 minutes of the meeting, the player from Wales Davis, shot wide of the goal. On the 6th minute, Ramsey entered the shock position, but outplayed Chakyr. The beginning showed that it was Wales who was determined to the result. The Turks differed only in their violations. On 13 minutes, Moore hit his head, but the ball flew over the goal. Turkey rushed to the counterattack. Less than 30 seconds later, the Turkish national team player Under, hits the target and into the hands of the goalkeeper of Wales.

On the 16th minute Wales realized an interesting attack. Several players tried to hit the goal. The ball flew into the hand of the Turkish defender. The referee did not give a penalty. On the 24th minute, Ramsey found himself in front of Chakyr. Struck, but much higher than the gate.

After the starting moment, Turkey was able to organize a moment on the 37th minute, Yilmaz shot wide of the goal. Still, Wales gave the opponent a shot. On the 43rd minute of the meeting, Ramsey opens the scoring. Wales comes forward. The arbiter added 2 minutes. But they did not bring results. The Wales squad went on hiatus, leading the score: 0 - 1.

Euro2020 second half review: Turkey - Wales

The Turks started the second half more actively. Cholhanoglu responded with his shot on target of Wales in the 50th minute. On 53 minutes, Bale struck the first shot towards the goal. But I missed the frame. On 54 minutes Yilmaz shoots wide. On 58 minutes, Wales organized a scoring attack. Ramsey punches. But Chakyr pulled this ball. Yilmaz immediately launched a counterattack. Hit from a long distance and past.

At 59 minutes, the Turks break the rules against Bale. The referee pointed to the 11-meter mark. Bale walks over to the ball. But he doesn't score. Chakyr unsuccessfully takes it out right away and hits Bail directly. The ball missed the goal post.

On 63 minutes Ayhan shoots on target, but does not score. On 71 minutes Yilmaz shoots on target. But again he does not score. At the 78th minute, James hits the target and into the hands of the goalkeeper of the Turkish national team. On 79 minutes, Bale shoots on target and Chakyr catches the ball in his hands. On the 88th minute, after hitting Demiral with his head, Ward pulled out. He recorded a save game to his asset.

In the last seconds of regular time, Yilmaz decided to show his character and behaved ugly in relation to his opponent lying on the ground. A scuffle ensued. As a result, the referee showed 4 yellow cards at once.

The arbiter added 4 minutes. At 90 + 5 minutes, Bale shoots on target. At 90 + 6 minutes, Bale gives the pass. Goal for Wales is scored by Roberts. The score becomes: 0 - 2. After that, the Turks were in no hurry to start from the center of the field. Result of the Euro2020 Turkey - Wales match: 0 -2.

Bale's team makes a serious claim to qualify from the group.


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