The Secret to Wealth Building

A lot of children who came from average homes grow up with the dreams and desire to build their lives, to become better to change their family’s and to do so many other things that will make them live above the average life their family have been limited to, then they grow up and the struggle begins. The struggle to get a job which does not come easily and finally when the job comes it does not even provide the type of life they wanted to live then they begin to blame it on faith, they believe since they were not able to achieve the type of wealth they dreamt about anyone who has achieved such wealth only got there by stealing funds or maybe they were just lucky.

Is that what your parents told you, or is that what you have been thinking about? Anyone who tried to build wealth and failed always has the same story to tell but you need to start thinking differently.

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The truth about money.

The first step to making the type of money we dream about is to change our mind set about money, most of our parents have feed us with the lie that rich people are evil and there is no successful person who made it to the top without an evil act, if you choose to keep seeing money that way, then you are never going to achieve the type of wealthy life you dreamt about. This whole success thing begins with the mind, we have to start seeing money as a great asset that we can use to live the type of dream life we want.

Think about value and not money.

Humans are easily driven by the amount of money they will make when they work extra hard but it does not play out that way, the value of the money made is never equivalent to the work done but on the other hand, the value of the money made is equivalent to the type of added value. People who make more money are those who are able to add extra value.

Don’t task yourself with every type of responsibility.

Some people believe in a system of wealth building where they have to do everything by themselves and save every money they could possibly earn, gathering it bit by bit until it becomes what they want, but remember that time is one great asset that can never be replaced, when you are able to buy time by getting other people to do other things for you, then it is going to give you more room to carry out other resourceful projects that will in turn help you build your finance.



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