The philosophy of positivism

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Back with you on the subject of philosophy, what I like in this Viennese opportunity instead of work, our home, friend, partner, business, we have listened positively so that everything is given to us, how interesting about the matter that I went more in depth as the philosophy of positivism is, what informs me about this current of knowledge is that it affirms that the only knowledge is scientific knowledge and accompanied by the scientific method, the ideal example being the physical sciences that, already wants to answer to the phenomena of nature, as a simple expression that we prove to be positive has a very interesting knowledge paradigm to answer your questions. Not everything that shines is gold, everyone who defends their position of knowledge, because positivists criticize metaphysics as pseudoscience for seeking what is beyond science, that is why a scientific method is used, that is why Great thinkers on this current maintain a common interest, which is characterized by all of them is the acceptance of scientific knowledge as the only form of legitimate knowledge, where this paradigm of knowledge is maintained, maintaining its essence, reinforcing its bases to improve it.

Having clear that this theory that affirms that there is only one applicable method in all sciences, to be positive it is necessary to focus as the objective of knowledge is to causally explain the phenomena through general and universal laws, it is where rationality is subject to principles that have not been objectively perceived, as is the case of the discipline of sociology, within it its knowledge is considered free from all relationships with philosophy and based on empirical data, positivism is a current is open until objectively demonstrated through a scientific method, one of the first to make mention of positivism was the French philosopher Saint-Simon, forerunner of social philosophy. The essence of positivism has its basis in empiricism, a philosophical current that is based on the fact that all knowledge is acquired through some type of experience and also through observation, in such a way the search for knowledge focused on social transformation and the domain of the nature, became a paradigm based on the intellectual that preceded the political revolution, knowledge focused on social transformation and the domination of nature.

It is important to publicize all this current of philosophy, since over time the way of seeing things and the applied scientific method have evolved, since its inception it mentions that positivism is a set of regulations that govern the human knowledge and that tends to reserve the name of science, where it tries to show us the observable operations in the evolution of modern sciences of nature, it must be clear that the truth is not absolute that is thanks to the fact that each person or individual handles his truth with the use of his rationality of the world that surrounds him, or the subject discovers knowledge, thanks to another way of explaining this content, the subject also has access to reality through the senses, reason and the instruments that use, because it is considered the method of science is descriptive. Let's go to the other side of the mirror of a positive person, he is qualified as positive, he will be referring to that he is optimistic and always tries to look on the good side of things, the person or his being is objective because he seeks his strength in such a way in the presence Adverse situations invite you to reflect and evolve, no matter how many falls you have had because of what you face in life that you only have to believe in yourself, we notice a lot the difference between a positive person and the philosophy of positivism.

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