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Greetings again my dear readers of Hive.blog, we continue with our essential search for wonderful machines, instruments or devices created by man in order to carry out a certain task, as we have done so far, it is important to continue to emphasize that the design of these instruments has been possible thanks to the extraordinary link between science and technology, which is why, without doubt, we have found that technology is nothing more than applied science.

In previous articles we have been able to delight with the operation of the optical systems of wonderful and useful optical tools such as the compound microscope and the super recognized photographic camera, where, we could observe in its interior particular optical elements like lenses, mirrors and the extraordinary prisms, all of them in different presentations which allows that the treatment of the luminous rays that transport a certain image is carried out in the best possible way.

In this opportunity as they could notice in the gif at the beginning of this publication we will relate to the splendid optical system of a Porro Binocular, and the same one generally is constituted by a series of lenses located in different strategic positions, and whose purpose is to be able to take the wished image to our natural optical systems (eyes) of the best possible way although the captured object or body is to great distances, that is to say, with the greater quality than it is possible.

Among this group of particular optical elements we find the fascinating Porro prisms, and this optical element will be the purpose of general analysis in this article, therefore, we can say that the name of this type of prism is due to its great creator Ignacio Porro, and of this type of prism we can say that it is an optical element for reflection and very useful (as you can see in the gif) in the binoculars or binoculars that carry its name and they achieve or facilitate the change of directionality of the light rays that transport our observed image.

When we focus again in the Porro binocular we can notice that the light rays enter by the main face of this prism which experiences a fabulous internal reflection in a total way, important to emphasize that this type of prism does not cause the dispersion of the white light that enters in them, and we usually observe it as in our gif, that is to say, in pairs with the purpose of making reflect the light rays in form of Zig-Zag.


Our environment is full of any type of machine, instrument or device very useful for our activities in various areas of our daily lives, as we observed with the binocular or prismatic Porro and its essential optical system, this time we knew in a general way to one of its optical elements such as the prism Porro.

We use binoculars or binoculars to enlarge the image captured from our surroundings, usually from distant objects, and this fact is essentially linked to their entire optical system. With this article we continue to assess the great influence of different technological applications in our lives.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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