Technology in the study of light / Optical system of a Porro binocular_(III Part)

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Greetings again my dear readers, in this occasion we continue knowing the optical system of the classic Porro type binocular, as it has been expressed with the purpose of being able to visualize all the route of the luminous rays inside this wonderful instrument, in this third part we will know the ocular lenses and this way we will close with this description.

When making a small route we can observe that the instrument shown in the gif at the beginning of the present article is constituted by concave and biconvex plane lenses, in addition by a pair of prisms Porro that characterizes its name, after entering the light by the objectives the same one sends it towards the prism Porro, where, as it is observed it is reflected in form of Zig-Zag, soon to arrive until the ocular lenses and which they finish sending the light carriers of the image towards our eyes and with it until our retinas.

The technological advances have allowed the improvement of the quality of each one of the elements that conform the wonderful optical system of these instruments of capture of distant images, remembering that the mineral lenses offer the best optical performance for these instruments, this way with the objective lenses, the Porro prisms and the ocular lenses we closed with the route of the luminous rays that transit by a classic Porro type binocular.


We continue to demonstrate that technological advances and their remarkable applications have allowed us to improve every machine, tool or device that man has designed over time, as has happened with binoculars and the treatment of light rays that transport images to our eyes.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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