Technology in the clouds

plane-5556378_1280.webp Image source pixabay

Greetings I have shared great themes of education, space, equipment used in NASA, technology, since man conquered the clouds and the skies asking to fly, revolutionizing the technology used in airplanes. Because thanks to this you can go anywhere in the world, commercial flights, military flights, a wide range of opportunities on the air.

Thanks to the radars you can establish route areas and know lanposidiones of the various aircraft that are in circulation, but at present there is anti-radar technology, which can not unify certain aircraft that have this type of technology, which is based on the application of Bayesian filter algorithms, used to process data received by the radars, is also used, remember that radars emit echo waves to detect movements and bodies, now this type of invisibility technology under that name, is based on structuring the design and composition of the vehicle to reduce a type of reflection of or waves, as dramatically the radar echoes that reflect using electronic countermeasures.

As far as innovation and ingenuity to develop this type of technology, since this segment must be a market to have good business, but there is the doubt everything is not qualified for this type of technology, because it is the competition between nations that you the best plane, radar, GPS equipment, weapons, everything depends on the type of technology used.

On the other hand that helps this type of technology to avoid the radars are the non-metallic materials, because it has been shown in the planes to reflect the radiations of the radar, it has to be with metal pieces, so that they allow him to form a right angle, then this is the position perpendicular to the waves of the radar, can be detected and then activate the system to be a ghost in the air.



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