Technology in Mechanical Damping

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We continue to observe our surroundings in order to continue highlighting the essential impact that technological advances have had on activities related to our development and which influence our quality of life. Therefore, it is important to continue highlighting the fundamental principle which we have made essential in the characterization of technology within the evolution of humanity, and which expresses that technology is applied science.

The above mentioned is our reference point since the science-technology nexus has transformed our lifestyle, and with it the development and expansion of the revolution of the so-called new technologies and of them we carry out a general approach in the previous article, therefore, the generation of our materials has given us the possibility of taking giant steps in the evolution and with it improvement of very complex mechanical systems.

From this article we will link with several applications of elements or components that provide cushioning to certain physical or mechanical systems, among them are very complex systems in the automotive area either four-wheeled vehicles or cars, or two-wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles or bicycles, with these machines we have already related in previous articles from a vision of means of transport that as we know are extremely critical to the growth of areas as essential to man as is the economic growth of our countries worldwide.

In this opportunity we will relate to the damping applied to a fabulous machine such as the rustic vehicles, in many opportunities we have been delighted with the enormous capacity of damping of these machines, therefore, it is important to emphasize that the damping system of the vehicles is generally constituted by its damping components (shock absorbers), as well as by the bearings with suspension stops and attached to this set are the stabilizer bars, the previous damping system described above will have the wonderful task of absorbing any rocking or oscillatory movement, which at times will be slight, at other times regular and in a competition of rustic vehicles will be very sudden and spectacular.

Many of us have been able to observe some types of damping components, these types of shock absorbers are usually shown below in figure 1.

Figure 1. Some types of shock absorbers


In the gif at the beginning of this article we can see the high damping capacity that is applied to these fabulous machines, however, this type of damping could be found in any mechanical system related to some of our most daily activities, but in future articles we will continue to relate to this type of damping technology applied to different mechanical systems.


Thanks to the innovative materials developed by the science-technology nexus we can constantly observe the damping in our environment, and due to the fact that these new materials are constantly being perfected their applications have led us to offer better damping components.

In this opportunity we are related with the damping applied to an impressive machine as the rustic vehicles are, in particular I like to enjoy these competitions where the impressive capacity of damping of these vehicles is put on trial, and with it we verify the enormous work of the technology and the great steps of development that every day achieves, and with which, their applications every time become more indispensable for our development.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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