John D. Rockefeller was a successful business magnet in his time and he was known to be the most successful business man that ever lived and he shared some success lessons for everyone who wants to succeed to learn from.

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Try out new paths of success rather than following the same path that appears acceptable by everyone else, we love to follow paths that look easy it is rare to find people who will decide to go through a new route and that new route we are scared to take, is a part that mostly provides more rewarding success. The decision to do things in a different way will give us a different result.

Our generation cares less about reputation, and reputation is one thing that will make people trust and invest in you. Having a valuable reputation will expand your business, it will provide you with better opportunities irrespective of the path you choose to follow.

Robert Greene wrote, do not leave your reputation to chance or gossip, it is your life’s artwork and you must create it, own it with the care of an artist.

Learn to leverage on other people’s time and effort for yourself, taking advantage of other people’s time and effort is a good way to build a rewarding system for the achievement of success. The only way to work less and earn more will be using leverage to make more.

If your only goal is to get rich, you will never achieve it. The goal to only get rich is what push people to the ever waiting arms of scammers, those who become rich are those who are able to provide sustainable value to their society and generation, in turn for the value the reward of good inflow of cash is what they receive.

Zig Zigglar wrote that you can get anything you want out of life, if only you will help enough people to get what they want.

Have a single life purpose and walk in the path to achieving that purpose, building on a single dream will provide better leverage to achieving that type of life. Life purpose is what drives a man, a person who lacks purpose really has nothing to live for, it creates a more beautiful experience when that purpose is singularized and the pattern for achieving the set goal is fully followed.

Business is a serious venture and it is not a ground for friendship, anyone whom you cannot bring yourself to sack at any time should not be employed. Your business relationship should be built on trust and loyalty, friendship in business results in mismanagement of the business and failure eventually.


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