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Which band's motherboards are better? Hmmm a tough question! In the above discussion, I said that the motherboard is manufactured by different companies (AMD, Intel) of two processor supported companies. Previously, Intel used to market motherboards as a band. Currently closed but running in some parts of Europe, America. Many experts are of the opinion that Intel cannot provide motherboards as cheaply as others and does not want to ruin their reputation, which is probably why it has been discontinued in Asia. Another thing we knew as Intel Motherboard was manufactured by a company called Foxconn. However, apart from Intel, there are currently a number of companies that have a rating in the world-famous, motherboard manufacturer. They are- Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Asrock. The price of their board is also a bit higher.

Next in line are Biostar, ECS, Mercury, Foxconn. And there are hundreds of other name boards on the market, most of which are non-band names ordered from China. If you have 2-3 crore rupees then you can also leave the motherboard in your name. So it is better to look at the original band when buying the board. Personally, I like it best here and Asus, Gigabyte company is ahead in the world survey. Both the organizations have received numerous awards and accolades. The two organizations try to create differently designed boards. For example, in the first painted market, the motherboard of dual BIOS facility was brought by Gigabyte. The dual processor supported board was N Asul. They are constantly updating the technology.

The technology that the world famous motherboard companies are updating on their motherboards The technology that Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Asrock, the world famous motherboard companies are connecting to their motherboards is as follows:

Xpress Recovery2 Introduction With this technology, if your operating system crashes or is deleted, it can be restored and even backed up if needed.

Q-flash bios This is a fancy method of BIOS method. The BIOS has already been updated. However, BIOS data can be stored on your pen drive or memory card. If the BIOS crashes in any order, it can be restored from the memory card.

Ultra Durable 3 Here too the combination of modern tech has been revealed. The number of components on the motherboard, such as capacitors and resistors, has been reduced compared to the past, and what is being used has been greatly improved. At present almost everyone is using solid catheter, ferrite core, MOSFET. Where it is mentioned that the lifespan of the catheters is about 50,000 hours and there will be no damage to the PC even at high temperatures, it will continue even if the temperature is above 50 degrees Celsius.

Dynamic Energy Saver This method allows you to turn your motherboard into cloaking speed. You can know the temperature of different parts and bring some control. However, the ROHS system is currently being adjusted on the boards. At present your mobile devices can be charged from the connection to the motherboard.

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