Some basic information about the motherboard - hardware - part - 2

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What are the things you need to know when buying a motherboard?

What kind of motherboard would you buy?

The matter is you still have some issues. For this it is better to choose the motherboard according to your work. You will work in a simple or domestic way but the board / processor selection is very expensive. Then the matter will go to the level of a lot of stupidity. If you are a normal user, such as learning or learning computers, watching songs, movies, playing mediocre games, doing official work, then you can choose a good quality mid-board. Dual core, Core i3, supported processor board as the processor board here is suitable for you. In this case you can keep a budget of Rs 4,200-6,000. However, for high quality graphics and animation, you can get the price for around Rs 6,500-10,000. For those who will use the board as a server, it is better to keep the board budget above Rs 20,000. Intel Zion is known as the server board processor. Of course you just bought the board very expensive and all cheap. Then it is not uncommon for performance to change. Since all motherboards on the market have a warranty of less than 1 year.

In my experience, if the board can be purchased with a slightly higher price of a good band, then if the luck is good, it may take 3 years. For this reason, the board that comes in the market as the 1st version is a little more expensive but it is better to buy it. Because, whatever comes in the market as the 1st, the bride is prepared in that way to get good company reputation. Then the next version of the upgrade may not be good when it gets old.

For this, you just have to keep an eye on the upgrade. I am using an example to facilitate understanding-

Suppose you are going to buy a gaming board from a company with the model GA Z-170X – Gaming G1. The price of the board there is around Rs 4,500. But another model costs Rs 6,500. So it is better to buy the new version at Rs 6,500. Because, many of us in our country save Rs 3500-4500 to finish the budget of motherboard purchase. However, the use of low-cost hardware is more, but the number of replacements is not less. I hope you have been able to understand the issues.

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