Regular financial mistakes that must be curbed if wealth is desired

Whenever my friends and I are discussing and we talk about wealth, we all want to become financially sustainable we all want to ride in big cars and have good inflow of money every day, we want to attain a point where do not have to worry about where our next meal will be coming from. I realized that asides from my friends, getting financially stable is one thing so many people really desire even when they do not say it, getting close to them will make you realize how they want to have more money even when they act unconcerned about the money.

Despite the fact that so many people desire money, most of us still make very silly mistakes with the little we get and we fail to realize that the little money we end up wasting today can actually accumulate into something desirable tomorrow.

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Trying to keep up with other people’s standard.

The world we live in is a world where everyone is trying to show how well they are doing even if they are not doing fine at all, punishing ourselves to keep up with the standard placed by others is a very crazy way to live. No one should determine the way our life will be arranged, living on the standard paced down by other people will get us into debt.

Sticking with an unproductive job.

There are certain jobs that keeps one stagnant, there is no guarantee for improvement or getting better, such jobs are highly disastrous for our finance and for our personal growth, and it is advisable to run away from jobs that do not add to your personal improvement.

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Failing to save early for retirement.

At a young age we might consider retirement as a thing that is not necessary but consistency is what produces tremendous returns in the long run, there is no age that is too early to begin to save and as a matter of fact the earlier we begin to save, the better it gets for us.

Failing to plan for unforeseen expenses.

Life will not always be perfect, it is only wise for us to build a sustainable form of emergency fund that we can fall back on instead of running into debt when unforeseen circumstances happen.

Planning for a good future.

I know of some people who do not like to set plans because according to them it is just a waste of time and no one knows when anyone can die but I bet to disagree since a good plan is what makes the future a more fulfilling one.


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