Radiation imperceptible to our eyes / useful tools applied in the technology field


Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform especially to the members of the @Project-hope community, as usual we will continue to search our environment for any kind of learning extracted from our wonderful environment in order to apply it in any tool or device created by man.

In previous articles we were able to witness the enormous action of the spectral fraction of white light or visible to our eyes, and thus its essential influence on the development of wonderful optical instruments such as telescopes, microscopes, projectors, binoculars, among many others, and this time we will begin to relate in general with those light rays imperceptible to our eyes, however, very useful in various technological applications.

Therefore, we will relate to microwave radiation, and this type of radiation, as well as the spectral fraction of white light, belongs to our essential electromagnetic spectrum, with the difference that microwave radiation cannot be seen by our eyes because its wavelength is longer than that of white light, as we can see in the following figure 1.

Figure 1. Microwave


There are many applications of this type of radiation in our lives, and if we want to identify one of them we can find it in our homes through the equipment or appliances called microwave oven as shown in figure 2 below.

Figure 2. Microwave oven


This implements the microwaves to heat certain foods, therefore, these appliances have an internal component called magneton which originates the microwaves, and with this action manages to heat or cook certain foods because it vibrates the water molecules and other constituent components of the food inside the microwave oven.

Another notable application of this type of electromagnetic radiation is found in the world of communication, since technologies such as the well-known electronic devices like cellular phones implement microwaves to establish communication between people at any distance they are, this action can be seen in the following figure 3.

Figure 3. Microwaves in communications



We continue to demonstrate that any knowledge extracted from our environment thanks to the action of science is put into practice by the field of technology, reaffirming the conceptualization that expresses that technology is nothing more than applied science.

In this way we were able to highlight two important applications of this type of electromagnetic radiation, invisible to our eyes as microwaves are, but of great value in many of our daily activities such as those mentioned in this article.

Until another opportunity my dear and valued readers.

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