Nutrition in animals

Firstly, nutrition can be said to be the act of feeding in animals in other to get energy for metabolic process and other activities of the body.

Without nutrients or food no animal can survive. This process is the one meant for the surviver of animals generally.

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Animals are know to exhibit a type of nutrition known as hetero trophic mode of nutrition. In this type of nutrition animals can not synthesis their own food on their own but are dependent of mostly plants.

The plant have reserve energy in them which the animals can convert for their own use.

There are many types of nutrients which enhance the living and surviver of animals in any environment.

This are carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fat and oil,mineral salt and water.

Carbohydrate is the major source of energy know, it is derive from starchy foods eg rice,yam,cassava etc. This food substance really give energy to the animals for them to carryout all life processes.

Protein is the nutrient that nourish the body of the animals and also provide animals with blood. It can be obtain from,beans,milk etc. For the body to function well.

Vitamin are mostly derive from fruits and it helps the body system to fight against any disease coming to invade the body system.

Fat and oil is also a source of reserve energy in the body which can be broken down during starvation. It can be obtain from,palm oil or animal fat for the body to remain healthy.

Mineral salt helps the system of animals to function well and it's also the major component of the bone of animals. It can be obtain from common salt and any other neutral and natural salt.

Water is very essential for the survivor of animals because the water is the major component of the body of animals and without water there will be no metabolic process in the body. Water helps in the absorption of other nutrients in the body of animals.

This nutrients must be taken in by animals in a good proportion and regularly dir healthy life.


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