music, theory and my philosophical point

Then and when the topic of music theory and how important it is to making music comes up. I want to drop my thoughts on this topic here. Most people think on reading and writing music when talking music theory. Well, it's maybe a part of it, but only the tip of the iceberg (maybe i do a post about my thoughts on that another day). When i am talking theory, i mostly mean the part of harmonies, scales and rhythm. Some say, too much knowledge about that, kills the emotion in playing. To be honest, i consider that statement crap, but that's my opinion ...and here's why.


The Physics Part The pitch of a note can also be seen as a frequency. Indeed, that's where the distribution of notes derives from. An object that can vibrate follows a certain pattern (keyword: harmonic oscillation), and creates, besides it's basic frequency, so called overtones. The accentuation / loudness of those overtones make the sound (that's why different instruments, sound different). But they are always equally distributed and basically create the notes in music. It also means: the basic idea of music is not human. It's an idea inherent to nature.

The emotional Part Since i had the pleasure of travelling around the world and was able to meet many people from different locations and branches i often talked, and sometimes jammed with them. Quite often we talked about the feelings chords create. When there's one take away i had, it's no matter where you are, or who you are talking too. When anyone described the sound and feeling of certain basic chord, the outcome was always very similar. That leads to my conclusion that those structures of music, and the feelings they inherit, are universal.

The philosophic Part Taking all i had stated before, and adding that Music is also following rules that apply for languages, it makes the sentences: 'music is universal language', and 'if there are aliens, we can talk to them in mathematics, or music' quite tangible. To me it also means: how could knowing a language and it's vocabulary have an deteriorating effect on it? That's like stating someone's a bad poet because he knows the meaning of his words :D It also seems like music is the bridge between emotions and physics, as both are integral parts of it. Therefore, there's maybe a deeper logic to our emotions, and more emotion in scientific occurrences than we might can imagine.


In such a short post it's nothing but a scratching on the surface of this topic(s). Initially this article was way longer, but it would need books to to get into deep with it.

Enjoy your day, and stay safe Peepz!


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