More colorful is WhatsApp, an interesting feature coming soon for users

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This messaging app is always careful so that the youth do not feel bored using whatsapp. And that's exactly why they occasionally come up with new features for users. Sometimes a new feature is added in the case of video calling, but this messaging app under facebook has given the facility to the users by bringing the option to delete it even after sending a message. This time whatsapp is going to be more colorful.

What do you think? In fact, for all chats on whatsapp, the same wallpaper could be set in the background. It can be changed as desired, but only one wallpaper at a time. But this time it is more interesting. Now you can set different wallpapers for different chat boxes. This means that just as you can set pictures of friends in a chat group, you can also keep a picture of your loved one in the background while chatting. Naturally so your messaging app will be more colorful.

It is rumored that beta users are already using this feature. Once the test is completed, it will debut for the users. It is known that this feature will be available from the settings option of whatsapp. After going to the wallpaper option and choosing a wallpaper, the user will be asked whether he wants to use it for a particular chat or for all of them. From there the user will be able to choose the option as he sees fit.

However, whatsapp has not yet said exactly when the feature will come. It is not yet clear whether the feature will be available to both android and iOS users. However, it is known that the beta version of android is going to be used. In addition to this feature, whatsapp also works on features like vacation mode, auto-archive chat.


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