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Greetings again my dear friends, we continue in the essential search of any machine or device designed by man with the purpose of being able to conquer any space time of its wonderful environment, and as we have expressed it until now this task has been able to be carried out using the indispensable knowledge offered by all the field of science.

In this way, my reader friends, we continue to reaffirm the valuable principle or concept which we have made our own in each of the previous publications, and which expresses that technology is nothing more than applied science, an aspect that each one of us has been able to notice in each of the previous issues, where such a link has been described in important machines such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars, heavy vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, among many others, and which have undoubtedly left a deep mark in our lives.

The interest of the man to try to conquer any space-time either by land, air and water, has allowed him to design fabulous means of transport like the one that they could observe in the gif at the beginning of this article, therefore, in this opportunity we will relate in a general way with the wonderful machine denominated aquatic motorcycle and the same one represents a novel creation for the safeguard of a certain marine space or for the entertainment in the tourist world.

The technological revolution has allowed the development of impressive innovations especially in the generation of new materials capable of being implemented for the buoyancy of a certain machine as it is the case of the aquatic motorcycles and that together with the capacity of proportion by turbine they do of these machines a type of light boat and whose system of conduction is very similar to that of a motorcycle of terrestrial mobility.

In general, this type of boat is used in tourist areas for a stroll or for sport, a very important data to emphasize in the technology of the aquatic motorcycles is that they are considered like a type of very ecological motor boat because its novel mechanical system of propulsion through turbine allows to make a wonderful process of oxygenation of the water, and in addition the new generations of this type of aquatic motorcycles to 4 time are quite quiet.

With the jet skis we continue demonstrating that the use of the fabulous nexus science-technology reaches any area and aspect of our existence, the technological applications every day are more essential for the good development of each one of our activities, the certain thing is that these applications have reached so much level that every time they make us more demanding as far as the use of the same ones.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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