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Greetings again my dear readers, we continue with our work to observe our wonderful surroundings in order to observe each of the technological applications and highlight their great impact on our activities, and thus in our lives because these applications have been linked to our development, and thus we can say that they have great influence on our lifestyle, and of course, we continue to appreciate the elementary principle which we have made essential in each of the previous articles, and therefore, we say that technology is applied science.

It is no secret that by observing our surroundings we can visualize a great number of artificially manufactured machines thanks to man's creativity and the essential combination of science and technology, and each one of them, as we have seen so far, performs or fulfills certain functions that in one way or another allow us to speed up a certain process in the different areas of our development.

In our houses they are present a series of well elaborated and configured objects and the same ones of great utility such as chairs, tables, furniture, showcases, among so many others, and generally, these objects have like component element the wood, for the treatment of this material they are important tools like the electrical saws of all type among her the circular ones.

Therefore, in this occasion we will know in a general way to this tool of great utility for the area of the carpentry or cabinetmaking, that is to say, the circular electrical saw to cut wood (also they exist of another type), and this way it speeds up considerably the process of manufacture of any type of object or furniture, in this type of tool we can observe a series of mechanisms of transmission of movements and this way the objective is obtained for which these machines are designed.

In my case I have been able to observe several types of electric circular saws both for cutting wood and for cutting metal, and the same with the help of the understanding of the phenomenon of the movement and the generation of new materials it has been possible to improve the whole system of gear that allows such movement and this way to be a tool of great utility for the professionals of the above mentioned area.


So far we continue to travel through every space-time of our environment and thus we continue to find any kind of machine designed or manufactured by the creativity of man, which as we have expressed has implemented all kinds of knowledge provided by science and has applied them in the various machines or tools observed in our environment, and each of them are implemented for a particular purpose as observed in the gif at the beginning of this article.

With this article we continue highlighting the great value and impact that each one of the technological applications has in our lives, in this opportunity we knew in a general way to a very implemented electric circular saw in the area of carpentry, and with it speeding up the elaboration of different objects of wood or combination with other materials for our benefit.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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