"Love Story", an old film from the 70s

I know that the movie's theme song "Love Story" predates this film. I bought an Oscar Gold Melody cassette in second grade. This song is a version of a male and female duet: "Where do I start telling the story of how great love is?"

Love is a timeless theme, and it's also one that is easy to vulgarize and overwhelm. This old film from the 1970s, like an old, yellowed tale, turns page after page and talks about it. This is a story about winter, starting in winter and finally winter, beginning and ending outside the empty skating rink.

As the name of the film suggests, the acquaintance and love between the heroes and heroines Oliver and Jennifer is very ordinary and simple. Only an argument in the library binds the lives of two strangers. Immediately after the next shot, the two men were drinking coffee ambiguously in the cafe, catching people off guard quickly. Maybe love doesn't need too many reasons and shadows, only for the light shining on each other during the meeting. The university is a temporary refuge from the harsh reality. In this high-level ivory tower of Harvard University, they, like all lovers in love, have sweet dreams of love and ideals. About the future. I love the part where they run and play in the snow. In that bright snow,

Jennifer is not the type of girl to look amazing, but she is articulate, creative, understanding, and full of vitality. Not every Cinderella can enter the prince's castle as she wishes, even if the prince wants her to. Oliver's parents who have millions of wealth do not agree with Oliver's marriage to Jennifer which is only a small cake business. Oliver chose love and married his lover, but the simple wedding ceremony brought deep love: "I give you a love that is more precious than money, and I give myself to you under the testimony of oath and law." than money. I give yourself before preaching or the law …… ”)

Even if she is not accepted by Oliver's family, Jennifer has tried to ease the tension between Oliver and her father, letting them know that they both love each other in their hearts. Because of love, choosing to forgive was the most touching part of Jennifer. What impressed me the most was that after him and Oliver separated because Oliver's father, Oliver found him at the door of his house, with tears on his face, sitting waiting for him. It was the first time she said to him: "Love means you never have to apologize." ("Love means never having to say that you are sorry.") Knowing that each other's starting point is good, being in love, So choose to forgive.

Their married life was strict, hard but full of happiness. He even had to sell Christmas trees, enduring thousands of select customers, just for a small tip like alms. But none of this broke his joy. After work, he sat quietly in a corner of the church, watching him teach the children to sing with tenderness and love, just as he had seen it at a school concert for the first time. He plays the piano, full of appreciation and affection.

She always supported him, whether it was ice hockey at school or her aspirations to get a master's degree in law school. His efforts did not disappoint his support. She happily runs up to him sitting in the audience on a scholarship, and he is tightly holding onto a piece of paper that looks like a piece of paper, but carries too many bonus checks.

Just as they gradually got rid of their obstacles and were on the right track, the disease ensnared him. Her tears, her reluctance, her pain, her helplessness. The most sad thing is that those who accompany them to fight together cannot accompany themselves to enjoy the fruit of victory. The love castle built by him and he collapsed a little.

In the face of disease, one is as helpless as the leaves on a tree that let the autumn wind dominate. For her, she borrowed money from her father who had cut contact. He wanted to give his best, and he wanted to postpone his death. Seeing the protagonist and heroine talking to each other in front of the hospital bed, tears continued to flow. The phrase "Till death do us part" is fully explained here. Love cannot pass through death, but death can test love.

"Love means you never have to apologize. You never stole my dreams of Paris and music, but after meeting you, it is no longer important than you." If Jennifer had other choices in life, she would still choose Oliver in love with each other, for better or for worse.

At the beginning and end of the film, Oliver sits alone outside an empty stadium. Outside the stadium, Jennifer once sat here and watched her skating, with a happy and satisfied expression. In an instant, the beautiful woman had left, everything was different, and in the vast snow, her back was so lonely and sad.

Movies can have meaningful endings, but life must go on. In reality, Oliver is going to remarry, find the right woman in the house, who has a beautiful child that Jennifer can't ask for, and carry on with his bright future life, in a waste of time and life, in the siege of marriage. , Reminiscing about the passing passion and love ... It's just nothing to do with this film anymore. Dreaming of returning at midnight, he and Jennifer run, play and laugh so happily in the bright snow.


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