In the universe of fiber optics


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Thanks to the technology of the telecommunications technology, now we can communicate, know other culture, information, business thanks to this technology reinforced with science, but more of that mirror we have the optical fiber, which allows us the transmission of information in such a way that it allows us to send the pulses of light with binary information or digital language.

Only this type of cable has allowed the development of many technologies and applications, this is composed of a core, the coating thanks to which prevents light from leaving the cable, finally the coating this protects you from weather conditions, each tiny cable is made of glass or plastic filament, allowing you to keep the signal no matter the distance, which design and technology was developed for this innovation that is a success in the market.

Thanks to its design it has the following characteristic that the fibers are immune to electromagnetic interference, which differentiates it from the normal cable of electric current, which is why it also serves to design to offer illumination since it transmits light waves, for training we also have the TOSLINK design for audio illuminated from one end. This type of wiring has been of great support for the transmission of internet in the form of satellite, wireless, with time they have improved the broadband of the internet with new technology and technical support, everything has its moment in the history of the invention, thanks to in 1952, the physicist Narinder Singh Kapany, with the contribution made by John Tyndall, carried out experiments and much work of design until it took it to the invention of the optical fiber.

At present the this type of cable is applied in technology of transmission and transport of information based on Fiber To The Home, thanks to its speed, as for the principal material Silica, for its manufacture, the important thing that works with digital or binary language.




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