In the knowledge of experimental psychology


Considering that psychology as a science has been of great help in our reality, when applied or as a tool in other areas of our lives, whether at work, university, home, where our experience is part of our behavior. In a previous publication I shared something very interesting about this topic, where psychology basically uses the hypothetical-deductive method, I also mentioned the contribution of René Descarte, he enunciated the principles of philosophy and the principles of the scientific mechanism, making clear within his philosophy, he rejected that the doctrine in reference to the Soul was a substantial form of the body as a biological part.

Many unknowns come to the field of psychology, about our behavior, knowledge, learning, but at the level of experimental psychology shows us more clearly its contribution as a study based on experimentation and application of the scientific method, either in human beings and animals, in such a way that it tries to show us the reality of learning, memory, sensation, perception, cognition, motivation and emotion, belong to experimental psychology.

They know why it is important to know about it, since based on this experimental discipline, psychological evaluation tests have been developed, which allow us to know the individual to whom it is applied, to weigh even police force, military school, university, job interview, which allows us to have an orientation in the selection process according to the level of demand that this application is required.

The good thing about this experimental discipline is that with time and new factors that affect the field of study, good methods and tools are designed to apply the scientific method, trying to give answers and solutions to questions about behavior.

The important thing is that every day we learn something new and with it a new experience as part of our memory of our life that is part of our behavior, all this experience makes us be a unique and rational being, I hope you will like this part of psychology, as it is lived and experienced in our daily lives is good to know something new to grow as a person.


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