I Need to Provide Rebuttal and Logical Correction for the Atomic Model Presented by Bohr (by the Root)

Important scientific developments begin with a logical perception...

I need to provide rebuttal and logical correction for the atomic model presented by Bohr. Historical records show that Bohr travelled often, even making his way into Nazi Germany as a prominent figure and scientist for his country. Whether he was ideologically aligned with the Nazis or more interested in finding continued support for particle physics ..I believe his findings concerning the energy levels associated with atoms and molecular changes will continue to be relevant. The particles upon which the model relies, are quickly becoming unnecessary. Without an electron (particle) and the superfluous inclusion of spin, charge gradient becomes a more logical natural mechanism for perceiving the state of energy in atoms and compounds.

The discrete energy levels that can exist about the nuclei of atoms, can be most concisely expressed in ratios of convergent to divergent charge gradient. Where a ratio of "come hither" to "go away" energy gives us a mechanic to explain and calculate the distance of the Earth from the sun ..while also providing a less complicated and more logical model of what happens about the nucleus of an atom.

It seems logical to me that space about charged sources (planets, nuclei, electrodes, etc) contains convergent and divergent charge gradient simultaneously (in the same space). Charge gradient also convenes the known fact that "mass" decreases as an object moves farther away from a charged source.

The greater CONVERGENT charge gradient about a charged source such as a planet, also illustrates how a ratio of both energies dictates the speed and acceleration of terminal velocity for a given body in space (a ratio of convergent to divergent charge gradient for a given configuration of matter in space).

Groupings of both convergent and divergently charged systems, give us matter than can be interfered upon by a greater outside source of charge gradient (as the Sun seems to be a satellite to the center of this galaxy). The source of charge gradient beyond our solar system, allows for the elliptical orbits of solar satellites to also share a similar plane.

I seem to be presenting the non-radial or zero hertz interpretation for specific aspects of physics (convergent and divergent charge gradients).


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