How cloud computing is transforming the business sectors?

The Internet has made it easier for humans to communicate, now messages can be easily delivered in a matter of seconds via email, fax or chat. Technology is becoming easier and more technologically advanced day by day. In the past, people used to keep their necessary papers in paper form in cupboards and drawers. Then came the age of Information Technology (IT) and the necessary documents were stored in computers and now with the new technology of cloud computing, the necessary documents and computer applications are stored online on an unlimited scale.

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Cloud computing is a state-of-the-art technology capable of storing unlimited data and applications using the Internet. We email and store mail, where is mail stored? Where is website data stored? It's all happening in the cloud. Cloud computing is breaking the tradition of local network systems. Earlier the data of the website was stored on the local network which was on a limited scale but now it is stored on the data cloud and thus there is no space constraint.

Google and WordPress blogs created today are made using this technology. Cloud computing is a revolution in the world of infocommunications that has made it easy to spread the word. The application of cloud computing is giving users the ability to store an unlimited number of applications and data. Over the next few years, cloud computing will open more doors for growth in the field of information technology.

Examples of cloud computing are Hotmail, Gmail, Facebook, Webx, Skype, Yahoo, YouTube, Vimeo and MSN. The data and applications of all these programs are stored on the cloud. All the lectures of the university are published on YouTube. Students use Gmail and Google Talk to communicate. Transferring data to cloud computing has reduced the costs for businesses.

Banks, mobile phone companies, government agencies and industries are taking advantage of cloud computing. Cloud computing has abolished the practice of storing data on computers and local networks, now saving songs, information, movies and video games to computers. Not necessarily, but all this can be transferred to the cloud and it does not matter the speed.

Many companies around the world are taking advantage of the use of cloud computing, this new technology has also eliminated the problem of web space. Cloud computing sometimes causes problems. Recently, loss of data has blocked the addresses of millions of Google users.

Cloud does not work without internet connection which is the most important problem of cloud, but nowadays internet is everywhere so it is not a big problem. One of the disadvantages with applications running on cloud computing is that their features or capabilities are less than a normal desktop application. The growth of cloud computing is growing rapidly in the world.

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Cloud computing allows users and business people to use applications on any computer via the Internet without any installation. Thanks to this technology, an unlimited amount of data can be stored on the Internet and a large number of users are taking advantage of cloud computing on a daily basis. Examples of cloud computing can be taken from mailing service providers such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

We do not need to install any software or server to use these services, all people can receive and send emails from any normal computer via internet. Under cloud computing, service provider builds a program or software application, hosts it on a data center and makes it available to thousands of users on the Internet. The user can use it with the help of a browser.

Cloud computing as a service program, provides application developers with a platform to use to design and run their own applications, such as WordPress or Google Web. On-demand computing service is for developers and IT professionals. It provides the user with minimal raw computing and storage space and this facility is on demand of the user. If users use this computing power and storage space, the service provider bills the user by time or storage. An example of this is Amazon. Developers can create different applications using these services, which can add to their websites.

Google Maps is a great example of a web service. Many organizations link Google Maps web service to their websites for their addresses and other information. Cloud computing applications have also proved to be very useful for business people. Cloud computing has significantly reduced the cost of business applications and it has reduced the costs of companies.

In recent times, many websites have moved their data to the cloud, which has led to the ability to store unlimited data and applications on websites. Companies are moving various tasks from data centers to the cloud. An important example of this is Google Commercial Mail, under which several companies have switched their email services from Google Mail. Gmail, Google Calendar, Picasa, Google Docs and Spreadsheets are all part of the cloud.

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Cloud computing does not require very powerful and expensive desktop computers. Since most of the work is done in the cloud, the desktop computer does not require much memory, hard disk and power. Nowadays most of the IT budget of the companies is spent on buying powerful desktops which can save a lot due to cloud processing. When applications are converted from desktop computers to the cloud, they require less work, which can increase the capacity of this hardware.

The importance of the Internet is growing over time. That's why most data can now be stored on the Internet. The rapid growth of the Internet is making things easier for people. A few years ago, when computer or internet use was very low, people had to make paper documents while communicating was difficult. It is estimated that at least 60% of the world's population use the Internet today. Cloud computing technology is also made possible by the Internet.

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