Do Plants really Breath??

This has been a very bother topic by many people about whether plant breath.

When I was small, I always told that living things always breath and moving further in the study in biology, I discovered that we have two class of living things which are plants and animals.

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And quite all right we all know that animals always breath and one of animal is human. Our selves is a classification under the animal living things. And quite all right also we all know that humans breathe

But one question that always come to many people mind is that does plant also breath? Well I will say yes. Plants do breath though they don't breath like how humans or others animals breath but they do breath also.

Though many people might be wondering whether plants breath like humans or animals but in a strict word, they don't breath like that but they do carry out their breathing process through two major stages which are respiration and photosynthesis

Two major stages plant used to breath is respiration and photosynthesis. In the case of respiration, Plants breath by their own respiration but in their own case, they breath or should I say respire through their plants pores . While in the case of photosynthesis, they exchange gases which at the end of the day pass through oxygen all around the stem into the root of those plants which at the end of the day helps them to carry out their breathing process.

As we have been thought in our elementary science studies that plants feed or carry out their nutrition process by photosynthesis which is quite right. But that same photosynthesis also helps in the process of carrying out their breathing process also.

The exchange of gas like oxygen which flows through the stems by the exposure to sunlight and breeze in form of air which helps transport the oxygen to the root. And that's why you see that as it is difficult for an human to survive or keep breathing when there is no ventilation that it is always difficult also for any plants to survive without ventilation. Same thing comes to play.

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