Computer education in the context of Bangladesh.

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Many of us think that computer science means only programming. Many people say that reading computer science means that they can do programming very well. But in fact it is only a part of the computer science syllabus. For four years, the university taught a computer science student the basics of computer systems and networking by hand. Generally speaking, what is taught in this section is:

First year: Different programming languages ​​like C, C plus plus

Year 2: Data Structure (how billions of data are put together), algorithms

Third year: operating system, how computer network works, different functions of hardware, micro controller, computer interfacing, etc.

Fourth year: Various topics popular in the world today. Such as machine learning, artificial intelligence etc.

Who will study computer science

Computer science is for those who are interested in it. Now is the age of computer. Computer science is for those who want to know how this whole age is becoming computer. We have been familiar with Google and various computer games since childhood. For example, in a shooting game, when I click the mouse, how do I see the shooting scene on the screen? How does Google deliver our desired results in a matter of seconds? Those who think about this, those who want to know the inner things and want to create something new, should read computer science.

Mathematics, logic, etc. are very important subjects to read in computer science. But the thing that is most needed to study computer science is the habit of sticking and patience. Sometimes it takes days to solve different problems. The computer science syllabus is also quite large and the study pressure is also a bit high. Sometimes I have to work from home even on holidays. This is something to keep in mind before deciding to study computer science and engineering.

What is the future?

Computer science opens up many avenues in front of a student. If someone wants a job, that opportunity is there and growing. If one wants to work individually, to be an entrepreneur, he can do that too. Again, there are many opportunities for research on various topics in computer science. A large number of students from Bangladesh who go abroad for higher studies have a bachelor's degree in computer science. Every day computers are getting better than before, more and more new job opportunities are being created.

Where is the career

Computer science is one of the most popular higher education subjects today. But the matter is not happening by chance. Nor is it because the demand for computer science has dropped in almost all universities. Rather almost all universities have introduced the subject as the demand is increasing. The world is becoming more computer-dependent, and the chances of building a career in this field are also increasing. There are many computer firms in our country now, studying computer science where there is an opportunity to join as a 'developer'. Apart from this, computer engineers are also being recruited in various government departments. And computer science is also a great opportunity to develop yourself as an entrepreneur. Many are seen starting various startups after graduating in computer science. In our country and abroad, there are job opportunities in big organizations including Google, Cisco, Facebook. However, for jobs in these places, one must be proficient in competitive programming.



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