Can Extinct Plants And Animals Be Recover Back Using Ancient DNA


I do wonder how things would have been if living things doesn’t die or go into extinction, back then in school, they use to tell us all living things die (actually heard it first in school) but how lovely if everything still exist in this world, if not for science and documentary that do show us some animals and plant that once exist in this world, we children of this new generation wont have any idea certain things that once existed.

I have really read some research and watch some wonders been performed by science on youtube on how they can replicate DNA and even do lot of things with it and this are really wonderful, I began to think, how possible will it be if scientist can actually take DNA of all this animals and plants that once existed and perhaps if possible bring them back to life, who wont want to see what a dinosaur really look like apart from watching them in the movies, I even get to know that there is a bird they called passenger pigeon, we are really missing out from things, I still remembered when a friend of mine disagree me with me that there is nothing like dragon that it is only in movies they exist and I really laugh and avoid the argument.

The world has really developed and is still developing, there are some sequencing technology which can be make use of to revive the genome sequences of this creatures even if it is little of their DNA, you can see that with this, most of this animals aren’t in total extinction. Reading since post can be quite interesting until you jam the one that will bring out the curiosity in you, like when I saw a research work which talked about how some scientists created some plant aromas that only existed centuries ago from an old dried up herbarium after they reclaimed the genes, (can you see wonders and how possible things could be) but this things aren’t as simple as it look because it will really that them lot of time and research before making this possible.

There are lot of things to actually considered which mainly depend on things that might happen after incase this was successful, will this species recreated be able to adapt to their new environment, wont they serve as problem to the world and other species at large. Things like this is what I am actually thinking about right now.

This is a step forward into the science world, I will be talking about how this can be made possible in my next science post. Stay tune


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