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Black mirror in real life. The Pentagon has created a simulation of the battlefield of the future involving robo-dogs

As part of the Advanced Battle Management System and OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics project, US military engineers tested robots and unmanned small flying vehicles.

The Pentagon relies on the latest technology to increase the effectiveness of missions by soldiers on the battlefield. ABMT and OFFSET programs use not only swarms of drones, but also walking robots.

During the exercises, several dozen drones appeared in the sky, and several robots were driving on the ground, including robo-dogs.

All devices were connected with each other, and the images from their cameras and sensors were sent to the command and to the tablets of soldiers on an ongoing basis, who could coordinate their work and observe the entire field of simulated combat. Interestingly, not only engineers from DARPA participate in the project

, but also major American universities.

Their role is to prepare software based on artificial intelligence.

It is worth adding here that Google and Microsoft were involved in the project, but under the pressure of their employees and the public, they resigned and announced that they would not continue to support the Pentagon's construction plans for robo-killers. Despite this, DARPA engineers have technologies that

these companies have developed and used them.

The robots called Vision 60 presented in action resemble robotic dogs called Spot by Boston Dynamics.

It is worth noting that this company was previously owned by DARPA, so they are based on the same technologies. In the future, Pentagon intends to create entire squads of robo-dogs and other autonomous machines that will support observation of both fighter pilots and soldiers.

First of all, it is a question of future military operations in metropolises.

For the army, this is still an extremely logistically complex environment.

The military hope that the latest technology will solve this problem, although various organizations in the world, including the United Nations, have been urging the governments of the greatest powers to stop building robo-killers for several years, they are not doing anything about it, and

the latest ideas of the USA, Russia and China clearly show that the dark vision of human rights defenders, sooner or later, will come true.

The armies explain, however, that thanks to the latest technologies it will be possible to reduce human losses, as they will be replaced by robots.

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