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Looking around, any of us could give a significant example, either in a tangible or intangible way, of the impact that great technological advances have had on our lives, and as we have already expressed, thanks to the contributions made by the field of science, therefore, we continue to confirm that technologies are a consequence of applied science.

In this opportunity I wanted to talk to you in a general way about artificial satellites and to know some of their functions and how they relate to us, and also if they all travel in the same orbit around the planet Earth, maybe many think so but let's see what we can know about it, so I hope you will accompany me until the end and you can get some knowledge of these important creations or technological tools.

Artificial satellites

We know that all the knowledge acquired so far has been extracted from our natural environment, that is to say, from our mother nature, and the knowledge of satellites has not been the exception, and this I express since we know of natural satellites that orbit other bodies, for example, the Moon around the Earth, and in this way it happens with the other planets of our Solar System.

Now, according to the above expressed, we can say that an artificial satellite is one of unnatural origin, and therefore, they are elaborated or manufactured by man, and in this way we can consider them as certain machines or spaceships created for a certain purpose in our outer universe.

We have witnessed how these ships are sent to outer space using a rocket as launch transport, these satellites of artificial origin are sent to orbit generally around our planet Earth, however, they can orbit around other heavenly bodies such as moons, stars and even come to orbit galaxies, the latter very complex activity, all this in order to fulfill certain functions.

Once described the conceptual aspect of an artificial satellite is important to know that there are several types of them, and this we can say that is based by two essential characteristic as they are, according to their mission and in relation to the type of orbit that runs.

We can say that both aspects are related to each other, since generally according to the mission to fulfill is to determine the type of orbit for it, in general we can point out several types of missions such as scientific, communication, navigation, among others.

We must bear in mind that an orbit is represented by a periodic trajectory and this trajectory can be carried out either by a natural or an artificial satellite. There are satellites sent to a geostationary orbit (GEO satellites, Goestationary Earth orbit), in this orbit those artificial satellites are sent for telecommunication and meteorological purposes, this is due to the fact that they should be in the same point on the Earth, therefore, they will rotate in a synchronized way with the Earth and whose orbit is circular.

But there are also other types of satellites whose orbit is elliptical called HEO satellites (Highly Elliptical Orbit), these types of high-altitude satellites provide better coverage in those areas not reached by GEO (Goestationary Earth orbit) satellites, Geostationary Earth orbit circular orbit already described, in the presentation of this article we see an example of HEO satellites orbit.

There are other types of orbits used for satellites as the so-called MEO (Medium Earth Orbit), this type of satellites in this orbit are generally implemented for cellular companies, there are other types of orbits, all these related to the height at which a satellite is launched and this will depend on the mission to fulfill that satellite.


Extraordinary are the advances that the technology has offered us, among them without a doubt are the application of the satellites since they have impacted enormously in our growth in all the senses, where, we could emphasize the communication, since this way we can be connected with any person in the world.

Geostationary satellites move at the same angular speed as the earth, therefore, as we said, they turn with it (earth), and it is important to emphasize that this type of satellites have a great height, of course without exceeding the speed of escape, manages to provide good communications to much of the globe.

We also find other orbits at different heights like the HEO (Highly Elliptical Orbit), the MEO (Medium Earth Orbit), where the satellites are sent to fulfill specific functions, and all of them of great interest for our development in all senses.

We can say that satellites bring us a lot of advances to our activities and we can notice this when we look at our environment and see a lot of applications related to the action of satellites, and emphasizing that not all satellites orbit at the same height or follow the same trajectory.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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