An Exciting Book For You, A Perfect Scar For You

A great Tuesday everyone! How is everyone doing? I want to share to you a book review entitled, 'A Perfect Scar,' by mahumsheikh and it is a book for young readers guys. The story is about abduction, it is a suspense-thriller book guys. If you are into suspense stories then you are going to like this book. Bret Cole and Charlotte Cole is a couple and they are neuro surgeons at their place. They have two daughters, Ana and Ariel, the two girls have different personalities, Ana is a teen who likes to go to a party and who gives a little headache to her parents sometimes. Ariel is a good girl and a very obedient child to her parents as well.

The rich couple has a mansion and they invited a babysitter for their daughter Ariel and her name is Violet as well. One night, Violet was the one babysitting Ariel, she helped her with math assignment and after she gave Ariel a bath, she tucked her into her bed in her room. Then Violet tried to open her files about the subject she likes and read it inside Ariel's room. But all of a sudden, she heard a man's angry voice outside their room, she shouted at Ariel to hide at their bathroom and she dialled 911 for help.

Ariel's babysitter lost her consciousness and she found her in another room. We don't know what happened to Ariel. But you can read the rest of the story guys. You can find books like this at book apps guys. You will surely have a wonderful time reading them. If you are like me who likes a book app guys, you can watch my link below. They have different genres and you will be the one who will select which of them you prefer to read. I usually like teen, romance, and fantasy stories guys. Which book genre do you love to read guys. They have mystery, supense, love storiesand so on guys. Here is a link of a short video for you guys.


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