"Alpha: Wolves Companion Homecoming": What makes a wolf becoming homecoming


The beautiful wilderness scenery in prehistoric times became the fascinating base color of "Alpha: Homecoming with Wolves", and the film uses the arduous journey of one person and one wolf to survive together, from acquaintance to companionship to relying on each other to grow together. It is not only a sincere bond between humans and animals, but also the most precious love in human nature.

Alpha: The Return of the Wolf Companion

The visual effects of "Alpha: The Return of the Wolf" is quite amazing. In the movie, it is quite shocking whether it is the frozen land, the frozen glacial continent, or the dangerous jungle world. The visual effects are presented. Except for the prehistoric scenes that show the beauty of nature, although the background of the film occurred 20,000 years ago, it is not noticeably abrupt. The film does not go back to the little-known prehistoric background. The accidental fall of the protagonist Keda at the beginning is enough to make people walk into this story. Under the vast expanse of beautiful scenery, Keda faces an extremely cruel living environment, and the weak and powerful natural laws are even more important. It was an iron law that could not be broken at that time.

Alpha: The Return of the Wolf Companion

The real focus of the film is precisely in this situation, how the young Koda who was mistakenly killed by the tribe and the wounded wolf Alpha, who was abandoned by the tribe, rely on each other to survive together. In the face of a cruel environment, the survival journey of one person, one wolf will not be smooth sailing. From the initial mistrust to mutual dependence, it is not who is more cruel and powerful, but an equal trust. Through the co-growth of humans and wolves in this situation, the film has created a delicate emotional bond that crosses races. After going through all kinds of dangers, the cowardly Koda has been able to stand alone, but the original bloodthirsty and murderous Wolf became his best friend.

In this movie, compared to Koda, who was originally kind and reluctant to kill, Alpha, as a wolf, bears more dramatic tension in the movie. Before I met Koda, Alpha was the same as other wolves. Qiu is nothing more than seeking to survive in this weak and powerful nature, but because of the acquaintance with Keda, the equality of one person and one wolf has changed everything. As a wolf, Alpha has a real bond in his heart and understands the preciousness of emotions. As a result, a wolf possesses "humanity". From the beginning to the process of being able to save its life at the end, a wolf that comes from the most authentic love in human nature comes to light and shadow.

Alpha: The Return of the Wolf Companion

The simple story of a man and a wolf in the prehistoric style gives the most true and pure love in human nature a metaphorical form, which is the most healing core of the movie. It is also the most fundamental reason for the return journey of wolf companions in this section of "Wolf Companion Return".

Personal rating: 8


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